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Twitter data in New York City
during Hurricane Sandy.

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A project by Chris Cantey @ChrisCantey, Morgan Jarocki @morganjarocki and Caroline Rose @cmrRose.
Thanks to John Czaplewski @JJCzaplewski, Andy Woodruff @awoodruff,
  Carl Sack @northlandiguana, Rich Donohue @rgdonohue, and Rob Roth @RobertERoth.
Map:   Shapefile from Frank Donnelly's NYC Geodatabase
Hexgrid created using Shitij Mehta's Create Hexagons toolbox for ArcGIS
Format conversion using Josh Livni's Shape Escape
Web Design:   Map drawn with D3 JavaScript Library by Mike Bostock @mbostock
Wordcloud Generator by Jason Davies @jasondavies
UW-Madison Geography 575, Spring 2013